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Each year we host 50 virtual camp classes in a variety of subjects for kids aged 6-15.

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Classes are available in your own timezone. Pick the classes that work with your schedule.

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Join and get to know friends globally in classrooms of less than 15 students.

Camp Preview

Happy Campers

“My son really enjoyed and looked forward for the live classes and crafts, I truly thank you for the time invested, hopefully we get to do this again next year!”


Silvia M.
(2021 Camp Treeway)

“I can’t say enough good things about the teachers – they truly go above and beyond to make the classes engaging, interactive, and fun for the kids. We had an absolutely wonderful time!”


Rusty C.
(2022 Camp Treeway)

“What I loved most about (Camp Treeway) was how different they were from the typical online classes my kids have taken in the past. They were hands-on, interactive, and encouraged creativity and many even had theocratic themes. Overall, I highly recommend it especially if you’re looking for something fun and different to do from home.”


Chalene Q.
(2022 Camp Treeway)

“My brother had an absolute blast at Camp Treeway this year! He couldn’t stop raving about it for weeks. The online classes were a real hit and gave him something fun to do during the summer. He loved every moment of it, from the virtual scavenger hunts to the interactive storytelling sessions.”


Charae D.
(2022 Camp Treeway)

“This was so fun! Thanks for a great experience! My kids loved it.”


Michelle S.
(2022 Camp Treeway)

“My daughter Ava has truly been enjoying the classes and we feel that you guys went above and beyond to create something truly exceptional!”


Erik S.
(2021 Camp Treeway)

“My son really enjoyed and looked forward for the live classes and crafts, I truly thank you for the time invested, hopefully we get to do this again next year!”


Silvia M.
(2021 Camp Treeway)

“Our family really enjoyed the online camp classes, thanks so much for putting them together! We’ll be back next year for sure.”


Valerie J.
(2022 Camp Treeway)

“I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging and interactive they were! I was a bit skeptical at first, since I wasn’t sure how effective an online camp experience could be. But the instructors were fantastic and really made an effort to create a fun and inclusive atmosphere.”


Ariana A.
(2022 Camp Treeway)

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Referral Rebate Program

Refer Friends. Get a Rebate.

Do you know anyone who would love to join us for an awesome summer camp experience?

You can refer your friends using your unique referral link and receive cash back when they register. And the best part? When they register through your link, you’ll get up to a 30% rebate on the price of your own registration.

Refer 1 Friend

Get a 10% Rebate

Refer 3 Friends

Get a 20% Rebate

Refer 5 Friends

Get a 30% Rebate

Referral Rebate Program FAQs

How does it work?

• Register an account for Camp Treeway.

• Once registered, navigate to “Refer Your Friends” and share your unique referral link.

• Track your referrals through your Account.

• Share the link with friends, and earn cash back when they register through your unique referral link.

• You will earn 10% if you refer 1-2 friends, 20% if you refer 3-4 friends, and 30% if you refer 5+ friends.

Who can make referrals?

• In order to be eligible, your account needs to be paid and active. If you used a promotion code that gave you a partial discount, you’re still good to go!

• Please keep in mind that registrations completed with a 100% discount code (like current Treeway Student Vouchers) won’t be eligible for referrals. And remember, only direct registrations on count.

• To receive your Rebate payment, your account registration must be active on Monday, June 12. Unfortunately, rebates can’t be given to inactive or delinquent accounts.

Who can be referred?

• In order for you to receive your rebate, your friend must use your unique referral link. No exceptions.

• To make sure you receive your rebate, your friend will need to purchase a paid registration to Camp Treeway. Don’t worry, if they use a partial discount promotion, it still counts towards your referral bonus. Just keep in mind that any registrations completed with a 100% discount code won’t be eligible for a rebate.

When and how will I get my rebate?

• Your Rebate will be credited directly to the payment method you used when you signed up for Camp Treeway.

• We’ll keep track of all your successful referrals and make sure you get credited for each completed registration.

• Our rebate program ends Monday, June 5th. Rebates are tallied up and paid out on Monday, June 12, 2023.